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Complete Radiator & A/C has been the first choice for parts for both the professional mechanic and the DIY consumer since 1948.  We cover all automotive applications for radiators, a/c parts, condensers, inter-coolers and heaters.  If the part is available we have it.  If not we can rebuild, fabricate or repair your existing parts.  Our knowledge and experience benefits everyone from the fleet manager to the street tuner.  We can save you time and money by helping you do it right the first time.


5 Main Components of your Air Conditioning System

1. EXPANSION DEVICE:  A restriction in the liquid line designed to cause a pressure drop.

2. EVAPORATOR:  Removes heat from the passenger compartment.
3. COMPRESSOR:  Moves the refrigerant and changes the pressures, the heart of the system.
4. CONDENSER:  Changes high pressure gas to liquid.
5. ACCUMULATOR/DRIER:  Storage container that uses a desiccant to remove moisture and filter refrigerant. 


5 Main Components of your Cooling System

1. RADIATOR: Cools the anti-freeze mixture with air passing through the tube/fin area to dissipate heat generated by the engine.
2. WATER PUMP: Draws the cooled anti-freeze from the radiator and pumps it through the engine block, cylinder head(s), heater core and back to the radiator.
3. HEATER CORE: Provides warm air in the car using a blower motor for circulation.
4. THERMOSTAT: Controls the operating temperature of the engine. The thermostat is closed when the engine is cold and opens when normal operating temperature is reached to allow the anti-freeze to pass through the radiator.
5A. FAN CLUTCH: A device used to keep an engine at optimal temperature by controlling the speed of the fan.
5B. ELECTRIC COOLING FAN: It is turned on by a system of sensors and relays when the engine reaches about 230 F and stays on until it is cooled to about 200 F.