Complete Radiator & A.C., founded in 1948, is a recognized leader in Central Florida providing cooling system solutions for our customers.  For almost 70 years Florida’s only nationally certified facility has been committed to providing quality parts, repairs and service to the motoring public.  We are passionate in being your reliable source for any radiator or air conditioning issue albeit small or large.  Please see our products and services page for all that we offer.  We value your business and strive to remain

“The best place in town to take a leak”.  

 Complete Radiator and A/C company is Orlando’s oldest repair shop.  Established in 1948, located in downtown Orlando, we not only cater to the retail trade but also to wholesale businesses and government entities.

 We offer sales and repair of passenger car radiators as well as trucks, buses, equipment and more.  The repair department’s industrial experience can meet your repair needs in quality and timeliness.   Besides radiators, we also service most heat exchangers, air to air coolers, gas tanks, EGR coolers and air conditioning hoses.

We can also offer you significant savings on quality parts. 


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