These are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions,     

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1.  Will an aftermarket radiator fit my vehicle?
A:  Yes, an aftermarket radiator will fit exactly the same as your original.  


2.  The plastic tank is broken on my radiator, can it be fixed?
A:  No, the plastic tank can not be fixed but we can replace it with a new one that will fit exactly the same as the original.  


3.  Does my radiator or part need to be replaced or can it be fixed?
A:  It all depends on what is wrong with the radiator or part.  One of our techs will pressure test it for you and give you all your options as far as replacing, repairing and what will be the most effective cost efficient way that fits your needs.  


4.  Do I have to use the same color antifreeze that’s in my vehicle?
A: YES!!! Never ever mix antifreeze.  There are 2 different kinds of antifreeze, green (ethylene glycol) and orange (Dexcool).  Mixing these two antifreeze’s can be damaging to your cooling system.  


5.  Do I need antifreeze or can I use water?
A:  Even though water provides the best heat transfer, you do need antifreeze.  You actually need a 50/50 mix.  The purpose of antifreeze is to keep your engine from freezing and protect the components against corrosion.  You should be flushing your system once a year to ensure the properties of the antifreeze are protecting your engine.  This is the best yearly maintenance you can do for your cooling system.  When choosing your antifreeze make sure you know the coolant required for your system.  There are many coolants in the aftermarket all different colors, so going off color is not very reliable.  

6.  Can you clean and repair my radiator on my vehicle?
A:  No, the radiator has to come off the vehicle.  We require this to make a proper repair and get a good test.  


7.  My gas tank is leaking, can you fix it?
A.  In most cases yes we can repair metal tanks only.  We do not do body work on gas tanks. We would have to see it to know for sure.  Please make sure it is empty of all gas and bring it down to us and let one of our qualified technicians take a look.  We can not repair plastic gas tanks.


8.  My air conditioning in my car isn’t working, what’s wrong with it?
A: It could be a number of different things from your compressor to your drier/accumulator to your condenser or just an o-ring.  Without a proper diagnostic it’s very hard to tell why the system is not working properly.