If you own a Ford truck or van within the years 1999-2010 you may have encountered a problem with the gas tank.  If not, it’s a very good possibility that you could.  Ford has been made aware of this problem but offers no solution.  The problem with these tanks is that the inner laminate coating starts to deteriorate and flake off creating a sludge in the tank.  The problem doesn’t stop there, if this starts to happen.  Once the lining starts to flake off it will eventually be sucked through the fuel system starting at the fuel pump.  This sludge will then be sent to through the external filter and then to the sending unit.  It will eventually reach the injectors and could completely destroy the entire fuel system.

We are able to fix this problem for you.  If you have time on your side we can strip your old lining and put a new one in and you’ll never have to worry about this problem again.  If you don’t have time on your side we have replacements available as well.  Give us a call and we can help you with this issue.



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